About Us

It’s been said that ‘only walls can hold us back’. Actually, these walls can set us free.

Today, the walls we find can be the doorways to creativity.

And any wall becomes a canvas for your imagination.

At WALLS OF IMAGINE, we create limitless wallcoverings

From any source material, you can find.

With any visuals within the deep realms of your imagination

Available in a multitude of suitable materials and textures.

For permanent or temporary use.

Transform any room into a bespoke environment.

Create emotions out of blank walls.

Bring the outdoors indoors.

The natural to the technological.

Calm to the hurried.

Bring whatever you can IMAGINE to reality.



What We Do

WALLS OF IMAGINE by PRESENTATION GRAPHICS produces custom wallcoverings on a variety of different substrates. We take your image or illustration and print it on high quality certified wallpaper with sharp vibrant colors. Once installed they will transform the walls in your room into an art canvas.

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WALLS OF IMAGINE offers top of the line quality wall covering substrates, manufactured with the finest materials, to make your design stand out.



We have worked with PRESENTATION GRAPHICS for our exhibit production needs for over five years. They have produced everything from small postcards to large-scale wall coverings with a high standard and excellent results. They are always professional and courteous, and work with us to find the best solutions for our exhibits, earning positive feedback from colleagues and visitors alike. 

Melissa, Exhibit Producer


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